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Chemistry EE

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well, it depends what your EE is on.

(There are a lot of potential topics to choose from, and obviously, not all topics can be explored through in school experiments. You may have to choose to use secondary research and data from that.)

The thing about Chemistry is that a lot of it is quantitative, and analysis is done through calculations. So most of the times calculations are important. Pretty much all chemistry EE examples I myself have gone through do include calculations, and analysis of the topic based off of those calculations

So with whatever topic you do choose, you would have to think, " Can I do a good analysis of the topic, Can I evaluate my research question well,  with or without presenting calculations and evaluating them?"

Good luck!


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In IB there hasn't been any EE without calculations. if you're trying to do without calculations, you would be the first one. As the EE without calculations in IB would fetch really low marks as there is a criteria in IB for DATA collection and processing.

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