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Risky Essays?

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I'm Canadian student who's thinking of applying to Stanford :) 

So, I found that essay is a big part of the admission process and that is almost the only opportunity to make me stand out, since I'm not a national level athlete, musician, scientist, etc. Also, people around me said that I'm "unpredictable" and "full of random, useless, dangerous but fun ideas", I feel like my essay will be naturally be very risky if I write about my true self.

However, I'm ready to keep the level of creativity relatively low and seal up some of my random thoughts if that will be 'better'.

In this case, will it be more helpful to go risky and write down my creative **** or go conventional and safe but has possibility to be boring cliche?

Stanford has been my dream school for a long time and I really want to get in. Thanks people!!



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The essay should in cohesive full sentences and structured essay, explain specifically why you are the perfect candidate, and what you hoping to accomplish at the university. 

I have no idea what creative thing you are talking about, but as long as it helps to achieve this goal, should be OK.

One thing to keep in mind is that universities want people who follow through with their ideas, so don't aimlessly mention arbitrary random thoughts that you haven't thought through (but it's fine if you thought through but haven't acted upon).

Finally be formal and be yourself. Best luck!


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