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So, my school has an okay IB Program that's closer to bad than it is good. The school itself is in the poor side of the county, so funding and good teachers are lacking. My grade especially had really good teachers retire over summer, so we are left in the dark about their capability of teaching. Teachers last year were bad too (AP English didn't give back essays or help teach how to write good essays and Bio was like a pre-period). My school offers a very limited number of IB courses and has already put down which courses are HL and which are SL, so we can't decide based on our strengths (English is HL and I SUCK at English. yay) 

So here is my current schedule for Junior Year: 

IB Chem - AP Bio - AP Calc - IB French - IB History - IB English - IB Physics (we are forced to take the SL Physics exam as a Junior unless we take Film or Music)

So Physics is our "6th subject" and so technically AP Bio is my elective (this is known as the Quad at our school with 3 sciences and AP Calc). I never wanted the quad but our coordinator arranged the schedule so that mostly half of us are taking the quad, but in the grade above mine only one person took the Quad. 

Senior year would be (not in any order yet):

HL English, HL History, HL Bio OR HL Chemistry, SL French, SL Mathematics, and then 2 electives

I can try to get rid of Bio or Chem, and then have an elective (like my friend is taking TV with Bio), but then I am forced to take that science. I guess the only good thing about the quad is getting to choose what science you take next year. 

Does anyone have advice on whether I should just stay with the quad, or try and get a non-science elective? Also, which HL Science is better to take?

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Everything depends on what you want to do/study later in life. Are you more science oriented, or humanities? Without knowing you any better I can only give you my brief opinions on you prospective choices, which are that HL Bio and History are both VERY content heavy. HL English honestly isn't any harder than SL, you have to read a few more books, and write two more essays (at least you do for Lang Lit, which is what I take) than SL. Don't stress English. 

Sorry that I can't offer anything more substantial!

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