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Permutations and Combinations?

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Hey guys,

Im not sure whether or not IB goes into Permutations and Combinations too deeply or even at all. I've asked my seniors and other IB schools if they did this topic, for which i got a reply saying no. IB HAS stated Permutations and Combinations in their 2016 syllabus so does that mean it's going to be in IB diploma exam?


btw i start the IB program in 2 days

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I guess you should look at the first examinations 2014 syllabus, which does include permutation and combination.

However it does not go deep at all. Although there are about 3-4 questions about statistics and prob in every exam sessions (2 papers) but they are mostly distributions, independent and mutually exclusive events. I think as long as you know the hypergeometric distribution you'll be fine

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