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Chemistry Extended Essay

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I am thinking about doing Chemistry for my EE and I want to be a doctor so I was thinking of basing it around something medical but have no idea what. If anyone has any ideas would be super helpful!! Thanks :)

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I wanted to do a chemistry ee as well, but after asking various teachers at my school I learned that they did not recommend it, for a few reasons. First teacher told me that it's hard to get a good mark in it, but the best advice came from another teacher (who isn't even teaching chemistry), she told me that they find people doing chemistry he's spend a lot of time getting their experiments to work, because chemistry experiments never work out how you want them to, so they had less time to actually write the essay.

With that being said, you can still totally do a chemistry ee if you want to, just make sure that you find a few good topic that you are really passionate about before getting too fixed on your subject

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