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If I recieve 44 in IB, can I get admission from Stanford?

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I'm currently in g11 and my list of scores which I got in my first exam is

English B HL - 7, Chinese A SL - 7, History HL - 7, Biology SL - 6, Math SL - 7, Economics HL - 7

I really wanna get into Stanford (I probably gonna major history) but I don't know anything about American universities. 


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Unfortunately, it's never a certainty. You certainly stand a good shot with a 44; however American universities often look at other things, such as your essays, extra-curriculars and recommend letters very heavily.

So sadly, I don't think anyone can say "yes you're going to get in with a 44". I would urge you to of course have top grades, but also to try to build your list of extra curics and talk to teachers to get great recs in

Best of luck!

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@AK_89Rembember that IB does get harder and often it means you need to work harder to maintain your average. You might see other schools students say how they failed first exam, but that's just different structures of the schools. That should be obvious but I just want to put it on the table.

I didn't get into Stanford but I believe these top schools want people who shine. People who are extraordinarily passionate and went above and beyond. 


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