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I've been taking french b for the past 7 months and I was wondering if someone could tell me whether you are supposed to learn all the lessons in each of the tronc commun topics?

My french teacher is the CAS co-coordinator as well, (I'm the only one taking french B) however he is very competent at teaching the course but I've missed classes many times because he was busy. And we haven't finished some of the lessons in tronc commun, we've skipped some over- Is it a requirement to have learnt all the lessons in tronc commun?

We've learnt two lessons from each of the three tronc commun topics, that is four lessons so far.

Is the current pace at which the course is progressing a problem? Would it be necessary for me to learn some of the topics on my own? How are your classes paced? Did you guys complete the tronc commun already, or how much are we supposed to complete in roughly 7 months?

Any reply is welcome.

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I know that in my lessons, we just followed the textbook (I think it was the Oxford one). It got to the point where I was starting to wonder whether we were following the actual curriculum, but as soon as I looked at the past papers I saw why we were following the textbook. We had two lessons a week (I will hopefully be getting a third one next year, since I'm taking French B HL). One was for specifically IB topics, and the other was where we would build on thsoe topics with a reportage, discussion, or music video/song analysis. We typically got through a topic in about a month, maybe less depending on the topic. 

By the way... what are the tronc commun topics? '^^ If you feel that you're not doing enough, you can always use the textbook and practice with the texts, PEs, and discussions there. I would highly recommend this, actually, as you'll see why you should if you check the past papers! Good luck! Et si vous voulez quelqu'un avec qui vous pouvez pratiquer votre Francais ecrit, ecrivez-moi! :) (Please excuse my horrible written French grammar. XD )

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