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What is IA, EE, group 4?

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Hey everyone, 

sorry for asking too many questions:(

I started my IB DP two weeks ago, and I heard people in my school taking about writing IA and EE and doing group 4? projects or something like that. 

Could anyone briefly explain to me what they are? I am really curious..


Thank you so much!! 

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In super simple terms, the EE (Extended Essay) is a mandatory 4,000-word research essay that can be done on any of your IB subjects. I've found that this blog written by @LangLitProf does a really great job in explaining the EE in-depth, and what you might need to know about it. (Link: https://medium.com/@drewsparkman/the-extended-essay-basic-information-and-creating-a-focused-topic-80d6b4df7468)

I believe that somebody has already asked about IAs before, so I'll also leave the link here:

As for the Group 4 project, I'm not entirely sure (truthfully, I have two more weeks til the IB starts), and I haven't heard all that much about it either, but all I know about it is that it's some sort of science project/investigation that you have to do for your science class(es), assuming that you're taking one.

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