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should i change my science

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hello, i need help with my ib course selections 

my current choices: 


jap b 








i wanna go into music businesss, and many people told me taking chem sl is useless. 

so im considering to change chem sl to ess as i don't think chem will be the right decision for me 

do you think it'll make my choices too easy??? 

also is ess considered as easy subject ?? 

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Yes, from what I've read, ESS seems to be considered one of the easier/easiest sciences to take. It's also addressed in this thread:

I don't think the science you end up taking would matter too much if you're pursuing music/business, since they don't really relate to the sciences, but you could maybe double check with the universities that you're interested in to see if they have any specific science requirements for music/business. Good luck! :)

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From a practical standpoint, the ESS has a very low number of 7s and I dont know if teachers are not familiar with the course or if it's hard. Definitely talk to people taking the course before you switch to it. Biology SL is also reasonable.

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