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Mathematics Extended Essay has become a research paper/white paper

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Over the past year and a bit, I've been researching/writing my extended essay. My school has asked I submit it by August 29th (A final draft), in order to be reviewed by my supervisor. Cutting to the chase, basically I never noticed that my extended essay should not be a research paper, however, mine is modifying Spiking Neural Networks to become spatially bounded, Fourier analysed, and polymathic, keep in mind this might be a Further Mathematics EE as I'm doing the course in my own time but unsure whether to do FM or Chemistry. Do you think I should possibly simplify it and just look at Spiking Neural Networks without the inclusion of Fourier analysis (or vice versa) or is what I have fine for a Mathematics HL EE? I have included a picture of part of my appendices for reference. Written in LaTex using the RevTex format.eepicture.thumb.png.2c659916d96029f1b475e15251f4942e.png 

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