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English EE topic - Opinions, please??

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Hello! I'm considering doing an EE in English Lit and am wondering if Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card would be a good enough book to write it on? I've heard that it is studied by some schools in Grade 9 and so is inappropriate unless I come up with an incredibly good topic. 

I have some ideas and would like to know if they are appropriate:

  • Applying psychoanalytical criticism to Ender?
  • Comparing and contrasting Ender's game and an (undecided) Chinese classic of some kind? (would be great if there were some suggestions there, too!)

Thank you all in advance!

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I think Ender's Game is quite overdone - I would avoid it. The idea of studying a Chinese classic is a good idea - why not (and this is very vague) compare the Chinese fairytales to another country's fairytales? You could look at the themes in both, and look for what fiarytale tropes they use.

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