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Stuck with Physics EE (Index of refraction)

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Hello dear people of the net.

As of now I have started year 2 in the IB and soon the first draft deadline for the EE is upon me 

I choose physics as my topic and within the topic of physics I have choosen to research how the amount of sucrose within water affects the refractory index.

For this research I did a lab where I pointed a beam of laser through a prism. This prism contained water and with each measurment for where the laser hit, I increased the amount of sucrose content within the water, and so forth. From this I have now made up a research question which goes the following: In what way does the amount of sucrose affect the refraction of laser?

The reason for me reaching out to you now is that I am anxious and clueless on how I will be able to scrap together 4000 words from this research alone. I am also wondering wether you guys could offer some help or short inputs on the following: What should my EE contain regarding this research to be able to reach the word count? Is my research question to narrow or simple? Is there any way in which I can develop these things that I have mentioned further? Any other tips and tricks would be of big help too.

I appreciate all input and advice I can get and gratefully thank you for taking your time to read this!



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The 4000 word is a limit, not a recommendation.

Any Group 4 EE is just a long report. You dont have to add new components, just make them more detailed. For example intro may now exceed a page, instead of few paragraphs. You should refetence previous reports of effects of sugar or other solutes affecting refraction, as well as situations in which this information could be useful. And then of course all the typical data analysis and sources of error. 

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