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Eng A Lit&Lang - need your help!

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I'm writing an IA on Duffy's poem for my WT1. I thought of writing a forum dictation, where Duffy is talking about Feminism and refers to her poem.

My question is: how many in poem should I refer to "demonstrate an understanding of the coursework and topics studied" ?

 I am confused on whether focusing on one poem in-depth shows limited understanding or profound understanding.

PLZ help!

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I think focusing on one poem, as long as you can link it to the coursework you've studied and you aren't just picking apart one single line, would be okay. Perhaps bring in a second one to compare it, if you want something else to go on. Actually, for a forum post, that might work. Try using a similar poem to the one you have, and comparing and contrasting the two according to the topics you've studied.

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