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Hello! I am starting my first year of pre-IB in two weeks or so (the fourth of September) and I’m quite anxious about it. I’ve been doing a lot of math sheets and reading material that the school has suggested all pre-IB students do. I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice for me, or any advice specifically for pre-IB students. Basically, anything you’ve done in pre-IB that was stupid that (hopefully) I can avoid. Thanks!

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Hi Heather! So great that you're doing the IB - it is a challenging course for sure, but no reason to be anxious about it! I think the main thing is to make sure you've picked subjects that you really want to study, at levels you'll be comfortable with. Once that is done, just make sure you stay on top of the content, so block out enough time in the evenings and week-ends to go over anything you didn't get - but remember to take enough time for yourself - have fun, go out, sleep enough :) Something that I did was choose IA subjects that would be easy for me and I think that was a major plus ! :) If you're really struggling you can always ask friends or tutors for help - the earlier the better so that you don't get bogged down later. Tons of students have taken the IB before you, no reason you can't! Best of luck for your IB !

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Always stay ahead.

Try to get ahead with your ia stuff, so you can some fun in studying

Use a study schedule and develop a study habit

Aim high

Don't get too stressed



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