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Predicted 39, now my IB is falling apart

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I'm wondering if there are any tips to overcoming 'senioritis'/awful lack of motivation in IB2? We had practice Mocks in IB1 and my predicted scores were 39, however during the summer I was not able to start any IAs or my EE... To make matters worse, I have not done any homework or started an IA nor my EE since IB2 started a couple weeks ago. I feel unproductive when I try to force myself to work on anything, and end up needing to sleep. I have tried making a strict study schedule to follow but I can't stick to it since I always get stuck with my work. Please help me with any possible bit of advice, my original goal was to raise my IB points as well..


Thank you!

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I think it is important to remember that IB is a marathon and you dont have to sprint all the time. For assignments, also start with rough draft and never anticipate to write something flawless in one go. There are many techniques to rough draft, i just start with point form notes and fill in the gaps to gradually make thing flow.

Also dont make too ambitious goals for each day. For an IA, maybe first day you just want to do an hour of research. Day 2 start making a plan of key points to discuss and some overall structure. Day 3 you can start writing parts you know well (dont start with intro). Like this, just work on 2-3 things each day.

Also important to exercise and find other ways to distress. Exercise helps with blood circulation and is a valuable investment to make your study sessions more effective.


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