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Biology IA and i'm not sure what to do!!

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My first idea was something to do with autism (my brother has it so I have direct personal connection) and sensory issues, but I can't find any good databases in relation to this topic. It would be great if anyone could find any good databases (but there isn't, I've spent all summer searching for one) but I REALLY need to come up wit a new idea and I have no idea what to do. I feel really lost and stressed because we have to start sharing our IA ideas soon 

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Hey, I suggest not freaking out about it.

My class has only started drafting up our ideas for our Biology IAs and the thing that you need to know first is what topic you would like to focus on whether it be cell biology, ecology, or something else and then you decide what kind of study you would like to do, e.g. model something, use existing data, collect data, etc... After that, you should try to make a research question that shows clearly what the independent and dependent variables are so that you can easily undergo the research. It's easier if you make the research question very specific, e.g. How does the pH of an aquatic environment impact the biomass accumulation of a (scientific name of plant)?

I hope that helps

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