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Final Schedule for IB Year 11 - Advice? Thoughts?

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I just started the first year of the IB. Below are my classes. What is one thing I should know about some of them? Mainly is taking SL chem and Biology really hard?



Eng A Lang & Lit SL Year 1

History of the Americas HL Year 1

Math SL Year 1

Biology SL Year 1

Chem SL Year 1 (May not even take the exam)

Spanish AB SL (Testing this year so I can have out of the way)

ToK (of course...)




And for the second year (projected)...

Eng A Lang & Lit SL Year 2

History HL Year 2

Math SL Year 2

Biology HL year 2

Physics HL year 2



I will be entirely finished with language B in the first year. I will not take the second year of chem. Not taking The second year of HL physics this year because of grade level restrictions.



So that’s it this year. My school is odd in the sense that you take SL before HL. I’m actually going to take the second year of biology which is HL along with Physics in year 12 as my three HL subjects. I just want chem because I like science and free periods are not permitted. Also weigh in the fact that my mom has a degree in Biology and is well equipped to help out with Biology, and maybe bits of chem. It is unlikely that I will even take the external IB papers for chem. 


Thanks, I welcome any input.

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