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Math EE - Statistical Analysis - Appendix Question

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Hello all,


I am doing a statistical analysis math EE, and oh boy do I have a lot of data. I'm looking at the March Madness seedings (if you're not American, it's the college basketball tournament we have here in the States) and how well they predict whether or not a team will be upset or not. Long story short, I basically converted the data from a bracket into a spreadsheet by hand for every tournament going back to 1985 (the start of the 64-team expansion - yes I know that there's 68 now, don't worry about it), plus at least a dozen more spreadsheets analyzing the results per round and per year, organized by two different methods of evaluation. Basically I have more data than I think I can realistically fit into my appendix, and I was wondering if anyone could give advice about how long I can make my appendix.

Aside from just the data entry, I spent a lot of time setting up the data in the spreadsheets with formulas and all that jazz. I talked to the media specialist at my school (mentor) and she agreed that it was important to include the data, because I was the one who gathered it - there's not a repository of the data in any location; I literally hand-entered the official bracket results. 

I know that evaluators are not required to even look at your appendix. Basically what I'm saying is: what is the maximum number of pages I should use for my appendix?

Also: If you have any cool advice about doing a statistical analysis math EE, I'd definitely appreciate the feedback.


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There is no limit to number of pages in Appendix. You dont have to include everything if the Appendix is getting longer than the main text. Maybe just to give some idea of how you structured the tables, especially if it becomes repetitive.

The appendix is a stand alone document. Do not redirect the reader to the appendix, if you need to, in the text just summarize what you have. That is, write the EE as if you are not attaching an Appendix. 

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