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Engineering without math HL?

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Today I got to know that my school has dropped math HL because lack of teachers and they say that students don’t get above 4 in math HL while most just switch to SL, leaving 1-2 students for math HL (our IB batches are quite small, like 15 students in a batch). So my school is against math HL and our coordinator was telling us that engineering/compsci unis accept math SL (giving a scholarship on merit too) anyway so what’s the point of taking math HL. Is she right? Should I take math SL or should I talk to my head about making an exception for me and letting me take HL? I’ve performed well in GCSE math and additional math (yeah yeah IB is different but I mean that my maths is strong and I think I’ll be able to do math HL). Any advice? Btw I am doing IB from an Asian country but I will study abroad in the West. Either engineering or computer science. 

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Math HL is excellent preparation for engineering, but is above the minimum of entry requirements for most schools. It's tough being the only HL student. The thing is HL is very doable if your school supports you. For example we got assorted past paper questions from almost a decade and we have (other) strong students that we can consult each other. If your teacher is not familiar with HL, or just leave you guys on your own then you need to be like 1-2 grades/years ahead in math to do well. 

SL is not nearly as rigorous and thus a poor preparation for engineering. Especially since Physics HL is algebra based, having Math HL can be a highlight in your application (for complex numbers, vectors and some advanced calc).

Given that your school no longer offers HL, you should do you best to get a 7 in SL, and if you have time just study some HL topics on your own during or after IB to be best prepared. I think if your school no longer offer HL, you can mention that in your applications but you still need a 7 to be competitive.


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