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Math EE topic help

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I have chosen to do my EE on maths. I need some advice on what to do, I have submitted numerous topics for all of them to get rejected. The same reason is given and it is that it is not heavily based in mathematics. If anyone could help tweak one of my topics so it would be perfect as I am struggling quite a bit and I can not get help from my advisor as it is their first year doing this because the advisor I was expecting to get stopped doing EEs. My proposals have been: Geometry behind renaissance architecture, permutation groups and diamond quality, distributions of chance in game show games, statistical analysis of the premier league and use a general rule to predict a champion. If possible I would like to do the group theory one as that has always interested me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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I don't know anything about group theory but the diamond one is your best bet. Some of the others are, in my opinion, not focused (eg multiple buildings/multiple game shows), that's like you were asked to write a novel but you gave a collection of short stories. As for premier league, I just don't think a high school student knows enough stats to predict something as complex as a sports league. I don't think you can give sufficient support to your methodology or organize very systematically and naturally in the other options.

You can start with the math you want to talk about, for example group theory you probably want to introduce isomorphism, and basic group theory principles. Then you want to see which ones you can apply to diamond and do it in roughly 10 - 15 pages or so. You want to focus on developing and explaining the theory, then apply to diamonds maybe in last half of the EE. 

When you want to discuss something completely outside of syllabus, you should look to bring in some of the core in, such as calculus, vectors, complex numbers, and trig identities. I don't know if that's applicable for your topic. An alternative is to explore any connection that group theory have with the HL core and do that instead of diamonds. In summary, you need to narrow down the math concepts you want to explore before finding an application. 

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Thank you, that was very helpful and fast. I now know how to focus my EE on to a good topic. I am going to try to do what you said about group theory and connecting it to my core curriculum.

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