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Hi guys,

I have a proposal for FOA: Part 1 Language in Cultural Context due on Monday, which is in like tomorrow, and I still have no ideas and I'm still so confused. The teacher has only 'taught' us about Martin Luther King Jr's speech analysis and that's it... Like I don't understand about how we are supposed to do this.. Like we have to have a role when we are delivering our FOA? We're not allowed to give like just simple presentations on the analysis of something? I don't understand... 

Also, how am I supposed to relate language in culture? Like for example, gender and sexism or whatever, how is that related to culture? What is the relation of bilingualism to culture?

I don't understand the logic and I will really really appreciate it if someone could enlighten me about these please... I'm like desperate. 

Thank you...

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You should ask your teacher, or she should be explaining this to you. It is the core of the Lang A programme and it will take some explaining. Basically, "culture" is what gives meaning to sounds, or squiggles or pictures. You can only really make sense of things and their significance if you are part of a culture. 



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