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Requirements for Engineering?

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Hi, I want to study either computer engineering or software engineering in the West (the US, UK or Canada etc). I’m taking the following subjects:

-Math HL

-Physics HL

-French AB SL

-History SL 

-English A Lang&Lit HL

-Chemistry SL 

i wanted to ask, will chemistry SL be enough or should I switch to HL? Is English A LL HL really difficult, I heard the scoring criteria is insane? I am better at English than chemistry honestly, but I will take chem HL if needed. I am also aiming for universities that will offer me generous aid. 

I know that I’m not taking computer science. It’s because I will be needing chem for Canada as well as my own country. The only way I can take compsci is to ask for an irregular diploma and drop the humanities group entirely (is this a good idea?). So please advise me on how I can make up for the loss of compsci. Also the subject selection. Thanks.

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Your subjects are fine. I suggest you take Comp Sci as a seventh subject, you are not gonna be able to get the irregular approved basically no school requires comp sci. Alternatively you can learn comp sci on your own.

I took English Literature HL. Im terrible at English but still got a 5. My strengths were in math and sciences. 

Take Chemistry HL if you think you can get a 6 or 7, otherwise SL is fine (still need 6 or 7).

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