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URGENT EE crisis (English Lit- dystopian novels)

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So, I was doing an extended essay in Chemistry, but that didn't work out. Now I switched to English. I want to analyze two dystopian novels, and although I love 1984 I'm nervous that so many people write about it every year. I was thinking about using Oryx and Crake, by Margret Atwood, and 1984 (even though I'm hesitant I've already read it). My supervisor said it would be fine to use such a 'classic'  as long as I can focus my essay on something interesting, and not as obvious. As for the actual essay I was thinking about comparing the romance in the two books, or just the relationships between men and much younger girls, maybe I could compare this? I was also thinking comparing the outlook on sex between the two novels but it may not be the most appropriate? Are the books even good to write an EE on?

Any feedback is helpful, I'm quite desperate to be honest. 

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So honestly, 1984 is definitely overdone. But it appears you are doing a comparative essay, which I personally think makes this okay. Technically, as long as it's a good essay that meets all the criteria for the EE, you should honestly be fine. You can't technically get downmarked for a clichéd choice of text, even though this can subconsciously influence the examiner's opinion. Your teacher's right about not writing on something that's very obvious and overdone, so make sure your research question centers around something relatively unique.

When you say "the outlook on sex" do you mean the representation of sexuality? I think that's interesting and not overdone. Neither do I think it's inappropriate given that you're discussing it in an academic and literary context. I analyzed sex in my English EE as well and it was completely fine.

Don't worry too much!

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