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HELP! Dropping out of ib yr 2??

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I really need help or anyone to talk to cause I have been really stressed lately. Recently my dad has moved from one country to another and so I had to change schools in the middle of the IB program. Starting in this new school, I realised they were wayyyyy ahead of what i had done in my previous school. First of all, they have completed there EE's, whereas I only have my reasearch done, they have their group 4 project done, which i didnt do in my previous school and they have their cas project done, which i also havent done. And to make things worst, in each of the classes, there are chapters that they have completed here which i didnt do in my previous school, especially in bio HL where i am behind at least 3 chapters. My classes are Bio hl, chem hl, econ hl and math sl, spanish ab sl, english sl. I am planning on studying in the US, probably majoring in engineering- biomedical. I talked to my counselor and he said that I can drop my bio class and switch it to physics year 1, dropping my IB diploma. Should I do it? Please help

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