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History Extended Essay Question Formation

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Was just trying to form some RQs tonight and here's the best three that I came up with. Just wanted some feedback if some of these questions would be realistic for the essay. 

1. To what extent did the CPC's (Communist Party of China) victory of the Chinese Civil War directly catalyze the commencement of the second red scare?


2. To what extent was the establishment of the strategic defense initiative a significant catalyst to bring the Cold War to a close?


3. To what extent was the strategic defense initiative further a form of anti-socialist propaganda than a realistic threat to the Soviet Union?

Thanks for the help!

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All the questions are good enough but please be more specific on your first and second questions. The third question does not have much of a scope to be written as a 4000 word EE. But instead you can write it as a IA. And also instead of saying the strategic initiative in the second question. Just say it as the defense initiative which has more scope in writing more words.

All the best for your EE

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