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The new IB maths programme

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I'm planning to get into medicine too and I had such a tough time choosing my subjects. The thing is to get into any good university, Math Studies is usually not recognized/ accepted. So doing Math SL is always a better choice, and the choice I eventually chose. 

However, if you want to get into the more mathematical aspect of Medicine such as Biostatics, then I would suggest you do Math HL. 

Recently, I spoke to these 3 students who completed their IBDP at my school and who are studying medicine in Prague. They said don't do Math HL unless you absolutely have to because you don't really use the skills but some people do it just to make their applications look more competitive. 

Another piece of advice; Doing 4 HL's are a smart move, but you might want to think about whether you can actually manage the content required for both the HL Langauge courses you're doing. From what I've heard, they have a LOT of material to read and write...


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Broadly speaking, Math A/I is based on current math studies, with an emphasis on stats. Math A/A is supposedly very similar to current SL and HL with emphasis on calculus. 

I suppose the best option is Math A/I HL for med school, but it is a completely new course so teachers may not know how to best teach it. From a practical standpoint, Math A/A SL could be best bet to getting highest score. The new A/A course replaced vectors with 3-D geometry and should make the course somewhat easier, at least in terms of conceptual understanding required. 

If you are taking Math A/I HL, you have to change one of the Lang/Lit's to SL (probably Dutch SL) because IB does not allow 5 HLs for DP.

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Ok. So basically i screwed up additional math(0606) (C-67) but got (A-86) in extended math (0580) a year before.

I took 0580 in Extended Math in June 2018, and the rest in June 2019

The rest of my grades are:

Cambridge IGCSE

Economics(0455)IGCSE A (85)

First Language English (Oral Endorsement)(0500)IGCSE A (82)

Chinese as a Second Language(0523)IGCSE A (84)

Additional Mathematics(0606)IGCSE C (67)

Music(0410)IGCSE B (76)

Computer Science(0478)IGCSE A (83)

World Literature(0408)IGCSE B (72)

Edexcel IGCSE

UMS: 140/180

UMS: 137/180

UMS: 140/180

Would I be able to do HL math, and if I manage to work really had and get a decent grade, would my Additional Math grade affect my university acceptance. I'm not very sure what I want to in terms of career choice, but I am leaning towards the sciences. I am considering medicine, but I understand the field is super competitive...

Also, is AI or AA harder? I've read in some places that HL AI is a more advanced SL AI, but some people claim that it is closer to the old HL Further Math course. Many people also say that AA HL is the old HL but easier.

Any advice?

I want to do HL math because I now find math really easy and boring tbh, (i am open to dropping it to SL if I actually cannot cope) The thing is I LIKE WHAT I'M GOOD AT. I used to be at in China at a rather prestigious IB school and now I relocated to Canada. Last year, quite alot of people in my school were scoring As in additional math most of the time, and I was one of the 'bad' ones compared to the majority (average - B) and it really affected my self confidence. I was actually predicted an A towards the end of the year (for add math) - (i am also the type of person that my confidence can affect my grades by like A TON) I also tend to make careless mistakes often on easy questions and score highly on the more difficult ones -seems like no one in my school has started calculus (even the stereotypical smart AF Asians) - someone asked how to calculate the area under a curved line (in physics) - and the teacher said those in HL math will START calculus for it this year. I feel really confident because of that (sorry if I sound cocky). I did Additional Math at IGCSE, and I passed (read results above) I feel like I definitely have the motivation and have learnt my lesson. My current school also combines the IB with the local curriculum, and for maths it is all courses EXCEPT FOR the AA HL course. I am in a class which allows me to do either AA SL or AI HL - but there are only 4 DP students (rest are doing local curriculum). All my worksheets also say SL math - tbh so pissed - I applied for HL math. I am aware that also probably flunked the admissions exam for math because they covered the topics in a different order and the notation is different. Also, I don't even feel like I am learning DP content - and I relied HEAVILY on past papers for IGCSE - and I can barely find any practice for the topics I am doing currently but I still managed to score 90%+. We are going through each type of function one by one and I feel like at this pace - we might not even finish the SL course. If anyone is actually open to helping me email me [email protected]

(Sorry for the rant)

My current subject selection is

Physics HL
Chemistry HL
Math ???
French ab initio SL
English A: Literature SL
Economics ? (combined class for first year)

(going to uni counselling to ask about physics -> biology change)
---------------just feel v stressed rn sorry--------------------

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