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The new IB maths programme

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Ok, guys, I need help. I'm starting IB next year (I'm in the final year of MYP) and we got told that the IB maths curriculum is going to make a massive system change. What used to be the three levels of Studies, Standard and Higher level will now be two different courses that offer SL and HL. The first-course Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches course will be offered at both SL and HL. It is designed for students who enjoy developing their mathematics to become fluent in the construction of mathematical arguments and develop strong skills in mathematical thinking. They will explore real and abstract applications, sometimes with technology, and will enjoy the thrill of mathematical problem solving and generalization. The second-course Mathematics: Applications and interpretation course will be offered at both SL and HL for students who are interested in developing their mathematics for describing our world, modelling and solving practical problems using the power of technology. Students who take Mathematics: Applications and interpretation will be those who enjoy mathematics best when seen in a practical context. 


I really want to go to medical school. I was first planning on doing Maths Standard as I really don't want to lose my life to IB Maths HL, but now I have no idea which course to take. I will be among the first to do this course. I was thinking of doing the second course but I'm really lost. Please help!! 

My planned subjects: Bio HL, Chem HL, Eng Lang Lit HL, Psych SL, Dutch Lang Lit SL, and Maths (I DONT KNOW) 

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I'm planning to get into medicine too and I had such a tough time choosing my subjects. The thing is to get into any good university, Math Studies is usually not recognized/ accepted. So doing Math SL is always a better choice, and the choice I eventually chose. 

However, if you want to get into the more mathematical aspect of Medicine such as Biostatics, then I would suggest you do Math HL. 

Recently, I spoke to these 3 students who completed their IBDP at my school and who are studying medicine in Prague. They said don't do Math HL unless you absolutely have to because you don't really use the skills but some people do it just to make their applications look more competitive. 

Another piece of advice; Doing 4 HL's are a smart move, but you might want to think about whether you can actually manage the content required for both the HL Langauge courses you're doing. From what I've heard, they have a LOT of material to read and write...


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Broadly speaking, Math A/I is based on current math studies, with an emphasis on stats. Math A/A is supposedly very similar to current SL and HL with emphasis on calculus. 

I suppose the best option is Math A/I HL for med school, but it is a completely new course so teachers may not know how to best teach it. From a practical standpoint, Math A/A SL could be best bet to getting highest score. The new A/A course replaced vectors with 3-D geometry and should make the course somewhat easier, at least in terms of conceptual understanding required. 

If you are taking Math A/I HL, you have to change one of the Lang/Lit's to SL (probably Dutch SL) because IB does not allow 5 HLs for DP.

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