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Hello everyone,

I am currently in my first year and I am taking IB Economics HL. Four weeks in, I have identified that I would like to work hard and get a 7 in this class. 

The way my teacher is teaching the class is for us to take notes of what is being explained during class, and then to read the textbook section of the same material, taking notes on that as well. Due to this I have put a line down every page in my notebook, with the left side for class notes and the right side for textbook notes. This leads to one of my questions: Should I compile these two sections of notes on my computer into one piece (in note format [Evernote?]), make them into flashcards, or just leave them in my notebook as is for later revision?

Also, do any of you have any other tips/advice for the course? Any help would be appreciated.


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How you take notes and study from them is completely up to you - every student has a different approach that works for them. So it's your decision, use what helps you most. On the other hand, my experience tells that reproducing the notes (e.g. as you stated, electronically) will help you memorize, plus if you have the notes online, it's harder to loose them. What I'd definitely do is to make sure you have clear definitions of economic terms and that you understand the diagrams with the concepts behind them. What's absolutely essential is to check if your notes cover all the topics of the IB Econ guide (syllabus section). I'm currently producing notes that answer these questions one by one, let me know if you're interested.

Hope this helps.


EconDaddy - IB Economics teacher, examiner and tutor

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While note-taking is a highly personalized aspect of education, I'll just share what I do- I've been scoring straight 7s so far, but I'll keep it real. I do take notes in class but I never really study from them. Heck, I don't even study from the textbook. I just study from IB Economics In A Nutshell by Ellie Tragakes, and so far it's worked out just fine for me.

I don't think that helps much but that book is definitely worth checking out.

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