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Hello everyone,

I am currently in my fifth week of IB Year 1 and I have gotten settled with my new teachers and classes. I have set a goal for myself to get at least 40 points in the IB, but I do know that it will be tough and will require the right mentality (I'm working on it!). 

So, I wanted to come here and ask if any of you more experienced IB students had some advice or helpful tips for any of my subjects:

  • IB Math HL
  • IB Physics HL
  • IB Economics HL
  • IB Computer Science SL
  • IB German B SL
  • IB English Language and Literature SL

Any help (including general IB mentality/work-ethic as well) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Start doing a lot of reading and referring of different publications of books for your HL's and SL's . Start doing a lot of chapter by chapter questions for all the subjects which you are doing. You have a lot of time for your exams. Start doing a lot of past papers so that you can get the hold of doing the IBDP questions with ease. Also start to watch a lot of you tube videos for your Subjects which might give you a broader aspect of your subject knowledge.

All the best for getting your 40 in your IB

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Sorry if this discourages u...

When i first started IB, i also aimed at getting 40s.

After mid term in year one, I aimed at getting at lest 35

Now year 2, I aimed at passing my diploma.


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