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Can a relatively simple Chem IA score in the highest band?

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My IA is fairly simple. It is a rate of reaction practical,  those ones where you can, for example, test the effect of changing temperature or pH on the rate of a reaction.


My question is: can it score well? It isn't so basic that it's listed in the textbook's list of practicals but it is basic. The reaction that I am investigating is actually a very interesting one even if it is kind of basic.

How would a relatively rate of reaction practical score a 7? Would I have to calculate the rate order for example?

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The difficulty of the experiment is not the ultimate indicator of quality. The lab report is all about your analysis. If you give an exceptional analysis (more in depth than otherwise expected), you will get a great mark. As for rate law, you have to understand that the rate law is empirical, but hopefully semi-empirical. It may not necessarily follow mass action. It may not necessarily follow any format discussed in lab. You should provide justification of why your rate law is in the form it is, not to force it to fit through what you think the rate law should be. 

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