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Hi, I've been thinking about doing my maths SL IA on investigating the geometric sequence of f-stop numbers in photography. Has anyone done this before? And how did it go? I'm not sure about the maths whether its math-y enough (if that makes sense). 

Someone help me please 😫

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I am responding from the perspective that I know nothing of f-stop other than it's a geometric sequence.

The IA should be more complex than simply identifying a geometric sequence. A likely successful route could be investigating how f changes clarity/resolution, or area of image captured. If you want to bring in calculus, you can use related rates (see an HL or other math textbook) to see how an infinitesimal change in f, changes clarity/resolution. If you want to bring in matrix, you can discuss how different f could be a different transformation matrix and how the matrix affect the resolution or area (from ideas of matrix can rotate and rescale a vector). If you do not want to discuss matrix, maybe it is possible to do it on function transformation with respect to changes in f number. 

In other words, the IA should be "investigative", not "descriptive". You need to use math to analyze the f numbers not present 6 pages of background information. 

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