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options after failing the IB DP

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So I failed the IB DP,  my total was a 25, but I only got a 10/12 in my HL (Psych 3, Maths 3, English A L&L 4), and my principal, who previously was the head of another IB school, said there's an option known as remoderation? We're a first year IB school, and the school had quite a few... "issues". 

In the case of Maths, our teacher didn't teach the whole Paper 3 syllabus and on top of that told us later on that the option was Stats and Prob, but I only found out the WEEK before the exam that it was Calculus. Needless to say, my Paper 3 was a 1. And in Psychology, things were a lot worse, and it turns out the teacher only taught us the syllabus for Paper 1 over the Diploma. On top of that, she gave me and my classmate (there's only the two of us) false information regarding the IA, so I received a 2 on it... It's really disheartening.

Anyways, the principal says that the remoderation is like the paid version of the remark, where there's no risk for the marks going down, but the coordinator insists no such things exists. Can anyone give me insight on this? I looked into it in the internet, but all I found were the moderations for the IAs, the re-marks, and the re-takes.

I hope there is, since I need 4 and 6 points for my English and Psych respectively to reach my next grades, which would lead to me actually passing... Still studying for my November retakes though!

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Yes, I recommend you look up IB's policy on remarks. Your grade can go up, down or stay the same; if it goes up enough to gain a point then you get refunded, otherwise you have to pay $120 I believe.

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