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Help On History IA question please!!

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Im having trouble choosing  good topic for or even a good question for my history IA. I would like to talk about the Napoleonic Wars but I feel my question is the farthest thing from being good. 





To what extent did the napoleonic war of 1804 affect the governments of europe as a whole?



I also can not think of what countries exactly to focus on. 

I am very lost.


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My initial reaction is narrow your scope, which I can see you've already been thinking about. You'd be hard-pressed not to write a summary if you keep it wide. Re: countries, try not to overthink it. If one piques your interest, great, if not, pick one from a hat. It's better to be researching and writing your IA rather than agonizing over what it's going to be.

I think your question is fine. I'd recommend trying to develop a thesis early rather than later (which is counter-intuitive and not exactly great historiography, but for these short assignments that strategy works well)

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