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Chem IA Uncertainty calculation (URGENT)

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Hello, I am writing my HL Chem IA on rate of reaction of H2O2 decomposition with different metal oxides. I'm almost done with my IA, but realized I do not have error propagation. My research question is How do different metal oxides(MnO2, Fe2O3, CuO, and Al2O3) affect the rate of reaction of 9% hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) decomposition?

So I recorded the instantaneous rate of reaction at 30 seconds and averaged them. When I asked my teacher, he said error and uncertainty propagations are not necessary, but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me how to calculate error or uncertainty for instantaneous rate of reaction? (I'm using logger pro, so I don't have any calculations besides average of the instantaneous rate of reaction..)


Thank you in advance! My 1st draft is due in 2 days. I'm almost done but stuck in error calculation and evaluation. Please help! :( 

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