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Hemingway english b EE idea

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I’m thinking of studying machoism in Hemingway works. I was thinking of using a two novels (A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bells Toll), two short stories (The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber and Up in Michigan), and a biography.

My research question is “How does Ernest Hemingway promote machismo in his literatures?”, but I’m not sure if it’s precise enough. I’m also not sure if the subject has enough material or if it’s entirely appropriate for an EE.

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A few of my classmates are doing their EE on the works of Ernest Hemingway and so my HL English LAL teacher. The guides are probably different but that research question would be appropriate for HL English LAL. It would be more specific if you mention two works so you could compare and contrast them according to his biography. e.g. "To what extent is machismo promoted in A Farewell to Arms and The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway" or "To what effect is Ernest Hemingway's childhood portrayed through the use of machismo in (work) and (work)." 

Four works might be too much to analyse as I did mine on the impact of misogyny on the psychological growth of Stephen Wheatley in Spies by Michael Frayn and that took up more than 4000 words.

I hope that somewhat helped.

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