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SUBJECT CHOICE design/architecture

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H E L P ! 

It’s September and I want to change my subject from group 5. My subjects now are: 

English A (HL) 

Spanish B (SL) 

History (HL) 

Math (SL)

Physics (SL)

Visual Arts (HL) 

Physics SL was in case I wanted to go for architecture in the future, but after 2 weeks of lessons I regret choosing it. My other options for Group 5 are now Biology and Computer Science, I love Biology but I don’t think it will be useful for me in the future as a Designer and I am not an expert with computers. What should I do? PLEASE HELP 



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I took 

danish B HL

English lang lit HL 

math sl 

physics sl 

history sl 

va Hl 

im also planning to do architecture and I do regret taking physics all the way, I would recommend BIO as I heard its a lot easier than physics when approaching the idea of grasping a topic, however I heard the exam is rlly hard, and my school didn't offer computer science, but I think bio would be a easy approach compared to the other subjects u take. funny thing we took the exact same subjects but took different second language subjects looool 

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