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URGENT: What kind of calculations (data processing) are necessary for a Level 7 Chemistry IA?

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As far as I know you need:

Introduction, hypothesis, variables, materials, method, raw data, processed data (averages?), qualitative data, graphs, interpretation, conclusion, evaluation.

But surely you need some kind of relatively advanced mathematical process to have a good interpretation?

For an experimental Chem IA. Do you need to calculate Pearson's correlation or a t-test? What is a t-test? Are standard deviations enough?

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From what my teacher told me, just do everything correctly and you'll be able to reach a level 7. Of course you still have to show knowledge of a Chemistry IB topic that is studied. And it is better to do your own experiment instead of a purely database IA (online sources) in order to achieve more Personal Engagement etc. 

However, it's best you ask your teacher because it's an Internal Assessment which means your teacher will be grading it, and they'll know best what will get you a 7.

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