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biology or ESS

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 i have to choose today if i take ess (sl) or bio (sl)

my options:

hl: spanish english and french

sl: psychology and maths


im not good at geo (seriously. im so bad) nor bio (i've had to take biology basically my whole life but im not good at it) and ess is basically those two subjects together. im also not good at writing essays. 


and even though i've always taken bio, im still not good at it. if i take ib bio, i'll probably get a tutor so i can get better at it.

which one is easier? which one would you take?

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The easier subject would be different for everyone. It depends on what your strength and weaknesses are.

If you feel like they're both the same difficulty for you, check what the universties/programs you're aiming for want to see. If its ESS, then go with that. If Bio, go with that. 

Personally, I'd go with Bio since unis and programs recognize it more easily as its a rather standard course. I don't imagine many programs outside of IB doing something like ESS so they may have some trouble classifying the class for admissions. Biology SL is not too bad of a course- I did HL and it was fine.

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