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So my TOK teacher took a major sick leave in the middle of DP1 and has not returned to teach since. Because the school had to find a substitute for most of DP1 we didn't have much choice but to self-study  TOK- also I had the old TOK book, so I was in a tough shape.

My teacher this year wants us to start with TOK presentations in two weeks. So, I'm terribly stressed and need a couple words on how to do this and not just survive - like I want to thrive!!! 

Any tips please- like ib resources, youtube channels, websites, words of encouragement are all welcome here.


My goal is to get 40+ in IB so that I can join Lanterna- and be a tutor and travel the world. It sounds weird that I want to do this to do more IB stuff but I'm actually really interested 

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Hi, sorry to hear about the adverse circumstances. Also, I've never heard about any of the Lanterna stuff but that seems cool. Good luck. (side note: Don't worry if things don't go to plan. Ironically, I missed getting six uni credits for TOK because my essay was one point below what I needed. Anyways, not getting those six credits is going to let me spend the whole of next year on exchange! So you never know and different opportunities arise)

Regarding TOK, my teacher never really used the book anyway. He disliked it. Most teachers are pretty vague as the want students to explore the subject for themselves. One thing that you can certainly do is ask your current teacher what he's looking for from presentations. He probably won't tell you much but it never hurts to ask. I only went into my presentation having watched a few videos and was able to score decently. I think the trick is to practice presentation and also try to make everything that isn't actual content as sharp as it can be. Even if that isn't the main focus of grading, it will certainly help your score.

Here's IB's rubric.

Also, I believe that you start with a real-world example and work to a knowledge question in the presentation (the opposite of the essay) but I may have that backwards as I can't remember so check that. And remember to incorporate secondary knowledge questions.

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Sorry to hear that you're going through hell. But, honestly most TOK teachers won't give you that much info on the TOK presentation. There are a couple of sites that I would recommend in terms of planning the structure of your presentation. Firstly, check IB Mastery TOK presentation guide. Its amazing and although it's structured for 2 people you can still get a lot out of it. The next thing I would do is download all the TOK books off Reddit and read their tips in the presentation section, one of them even gives you a good sample of the TKKPD form thing. Thirdly talk to your teacher, it's mandatory that you have at least 2 meetings.

So yeah hope this helps! 😊

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