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IB Retakes this November - lacking motivation!

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I am resitting Maths SL this November and very much lacking motivation at the moment. I have a tutor once a week but otherwise very much revising on my own. Anyone else in a similar position? Any ideas for ways to keep motivation up? Thanks!



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Hello EllaUmb! 

I hope all is well for you right now when November is coming near. It's very common for someone to lose motivation, especially maths when you have to practice regularly. There are some ways to keep motivation up, which worked for me back in my IB days. I usually set out a to-do list of what I want to complete today, and try to stick to it during my revision. E.g: I want to revise my differentiation and integration today. Then stick to it! 

Since you have tutoring once a week, circle out the areas you do not understand and ask for the solutions to it. If you do not understand, ask the tutor to repeat it for you till you understand it.  

I sincerely hope you will have a successful and smooth retake in November! And make sure you maintain your health during this period by taking rests, not just revising all day. Rest can definitely help you to pick up your motivation back. 

Good luck! 


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