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Advice for Business/Econ uni

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I would like some advice and suggestion on what subjects I should select for DP, as the title indicates I want to specialize in the Econ/B&M area.

These are my choices: Math HL, Econ HL, B&M HL/Bio HL, lang lit sl,  spanish sl,  bio/b&m sl.

My first concern is that is B&m needed for my area and is it seen as a soft subject.

Also is Math HL necessary for Econ or B&m area.

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So at my uni (i major in economics) B&M is not needed, nor is math HL needed. I don't think Economics HL is needed either.
I think the best bet for you is to figure out which unis you like because the requirements tend to ping pong a bit (EG: London School of Economics needs HL math).

Best of luck

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