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What are really good extracurriculars for competitive/elite business schools?

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I had ideas in mind such as joining internships, organizing events, starting clubs, school president etc., but I'm not sure what else to do. I wanted to start a non-profit but that's difficult to do especially since I'm in high school, any ideas?? - I also got internship opportunities at a lab hospital but that does not really have anything to do with my area of study?

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This is my opinion but personally I don't feel like it's critical that your extracurriculars line up 100% with your major. You're a high school student. You should be trying things and not putting your eggs in one basket. I've never worked on admissions but also a classic line is that schools do not want someone who does, eats, and sleeps x; whatever x is. They want a real person.

Also, it's business. Anything can be business-related. Unless you live somewhere with a socialized health system. (just kidding; that's good too 🙂)

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