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ways to measure plant growth??? biology IA!!

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Hi! I need some methods on how to measure plant growth on my IA because my teacher approved my idea but not the fact that I'm going to measure transpiration -- so that's one option out. I've read that I can measure leaf size but how do I do that without cutting the leaf off? Any other methods?



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well here is a list of ways my teacher suggested in class

-measuring the diameter of the stem: how wide it is. You can use measuring tape or string

-measure the height of the stem in cm

-leaf size can be measured without taking them off, just measure across or from the bud to the end with a measuring tape/ or string. Although I do admit this may be more tedious

-you can even try measuring the heaviness of the plant. That would entail measuring the pot with soil at first before the experiment. And then every time you measure your plant in the pot, you subtract the pot and soil weight. 


Good luck!

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