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Hello all,

I am a DP Physics teacher and I've decided to put a lot of my resources online. I am not generating any money from this (I have no ads and no way for people to donate). I am posting this in here because I have heard of some challenging stories that people have had with accessing content or difficult relationships with teachers.

First and foremost, you teacher should be the main resource for you when going through the DP course. If you are having difficulties, you should be asking them for help. As a secondary resource you can use my web page if you would like. It has tutorial style powerpoints and related videos. I am still building in more content, but I think it is at the point now where it could be useful to people.

Hopefully it helps someone: Mr. G's DP Physics


Mr. G.

Side Note: I did not sit Exams in May 2016 in Korea...those were the first exams that my own students sat. I had to put something.

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4 hours ago, IBZOMBIE9840 said:

Hello MR.g,

I have some problems for my IB physics can you please help me with it

Unfortunately, no. Teaching through this forum would be a nightmare and I would not want to be undermining another teacher. I wouldn't have time, regardless. Hopefully the resources I posted are of some help. I wish you good luck.

Mr. G.

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