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I have been really unsure about deciding on a topic for my IA even though all of my friends seem to be really confident about what they want to do and I am worried. At first I was certain that I wanted to do a survey for my IA and I came to the topic how the amount of homework influences test scores, but I started second guessing myself and now I am unsure again. I saw a wikipedia page about parametric design that interested me, but they began to talk a little bit about physics, which is way above me. And I even looked at things like the golden ratio and the 4th dimension but all of these seemed like topics that would not score me very high. I was hoping someone would be able to give me feedback on any of these topics or maybe some changes I could explore instead? 

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I really don't like stats-based IA as the quality of your analysis depends on the quality of data, ie other people.

Parametric design could be appropriate. In the SL topic of vectors, parametric equations are discussed and you can build upon that idea. You should look for topics such as this one that can build upon what you know/about to learn, with going too far into new territory. Most HL topics are also appropriate and some are quite accessible for an SL student. 

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