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Chemistry HL,, should I?!

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Hello everybody! Really hope everyone is trying hard in IB. I wanted to ask you guys about chemistry HL in IB. This year I'm finishing my IGCSE and I have to choose the subjects I will be taking in IB. I've asked a lot of teachers, searched online and mostly people say that chemistry HL is quiet hard, and this is really concerning for the fact that I want to be a doctor and most of the universities require biology and chemistry HL. If there is any of you taking chemistry please inform me, I would really like to hear your opinions and if you find it hard or not,,, THANK YOU🌸





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Not sure if an oldie's advice can help when I've taken Chemistry HL back in 2014-2016. It's a long time ago, but I still remember the struggles I had in Chemistry HL. 

Chemistry HL itself is not a hard subject, but it is the effort it requires you to put in. The effort that I have put in Chemistry HL compared to all my other subjects such as Biology HL, Maths SL, Economics HL, is relatively greater. Of course, if you have had your IGCSE and is interested in Chemistry HL, I will not discourage you in doing so, especially when you want to be a doctor, Chemistry HL is an essential course. Therefore, if you have decided to pursue your dream in becoming a doctor, then you might need to take Chem HL according to the universities' requirements. 


Do ask me if you have any questions. 

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