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Drop Biology SL for ESS?

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Hello, I am currently taking Bio SL and struggling. Over the last month, I have had the EE, IA for History and IA for Bio, during the time I have also had my computer break so I had to go a while working off my phone and then my sisters Ipad. As you can imagin this slowed me down and I often found myslef asking for extentions in english and other classes. Additionally, I was unable to studies well for some IB Bio quizzes and thus did badly. However, I am unsure if I am struggling in the class because of these circumstances or if I really am just struggling with the content. Because of this, I have been considering dropping the class for ESS instead, and then if possible move from Math studies, which I find very easy, to Math SL. Also, I feel as though I don't get a huge chance given my classes to work on my "spike" which is business/econ/CS. Thus I thought if I drop to ESS I get more time to studies what I am good at. Another thing to consider however is that I do find what I learn in Bio interesting I would definitely stay in the class if it were not for the fear of a low grade. Also, It's important to mention that I have some big extracurriculars after school that NEED me.... (a startup I Co-founded), and with Bio, I am not able to work on it as much.
So the question is, will Bio get easier? Should I switch out to ESS and then switch my math to math sl, or if that is not possible still switch to ESS? What would both Canadian and US schools think of this? 


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