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Right now, I'm in English LangLit HL and have the option to drop it to SL cuz I already have 3 other HL subjects. However, the sole reason why I'm hesitating is because of the more time we get during exams. I feel as if the extra hour lets me write MUCH MORE and go more in depth in my analysis that I would be able to in SL. What do you guys think?

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The courses cover similar material with HL going more in depth/tougher grading (never took lang/lit so i can't attest how to how much more difficult HL is).

I can tell you that the exams are not the same, as with all IB subjects. Not only did students analyze different texts, HL had texts A and B for part 1 and C and D for part 2. SL just had one text for each part. The mark schemes for Paper 2 were also different. The exams are not the same, nor is the grading.

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