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French Group/Interactive Oral (Oral Intéractif)

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(We never had a group oral presentation for IB, so I'm just giving my advice on the standard one that I did a few years ago.

Practice: Before you actually do your oral, sit down with a friend and actually follow the format. Pick an actual topic (Health, family, etc.) and have your friend search an image on google images and click on it. Then simulate it. Have your friend offer feedback, as a partner you want to be positive (making sure the other person is feeling good and confident is the most important thing) but also don't be afraid to talk over mistakes after the whole thing is done.

The second thing that you should do is think about incorporating various tenses constructions. Don't plan out what you're going to say, but identify key (difficult) grammar points and practice them so that you're ready to use them. Other than that, not much. Two personal tips are don't spend too much time on a word if it doesn't come, just use a filler and move on. And then second I never actually liked describing what's in the photo so I made it as short as possible. Don't think that you have to explain what the small dot in halfway in the upper left-hand corner is; you don't. Give a really brief description of the photo and then move on to talking about yourself or your opinions.

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