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Psychology EE (getting started) HELP

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We've just been told to think about our EE topics and subject areas and I know I want to do mine on Psychology, because I take HL Psych and I am considering going into the Psychology/ Psychiatry field after IB. However, I have no clue what topic I want it to be on, so if you have done your EE (on Psych especially), please give me some ideas or advice on this.

Also, in terms of research, what is the process normally like? I just want to have an idea about how everything is done.

Thank youuu :>

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I'm not gonna do my EE on psych but I do have some examples of psych ee's.

“does intrinsic motivation alone assure the persistence of performance in competitive sports?”

"investigating the extent in which marketers and advertisers use psychology to influence consumers towards a popular product or campaign."

“to what extent can optimism be used to increase academic achievement?”

"to what extent does nonverbal communication play a role in establishing power?


hope this helps!

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