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How to study for and score higher on HL Math tests

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So I'm a straight-A student, who was able to achieve A's in HL 1 during my sophomore year of high school (10th grade). Now in my junior year, I'm in my second year of IB HL math, or HL 2. Unfortunately, I messed up first test in HL2, and got a C+ on the exam. I'm worried about the class this year because the current unit we're on has been a little confusing as well. It's the introduction to differential calculus (i.e. limits, derivatives, "first principles," etc.) and some of the questions in the textbook are throwing me off. 

How do you guys study for IB HL tests, and score better on these exams? Any sort of help or resource would be greatly appreciated, as I'd like to receive an "A" this year in my HL 2 class. 

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